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Nancy Medoff - Gold Stripe

Fortune favors the bold.


Nancy Medoff - Gold Stripe

Fortune favors the bold.


We all have that little spark inside of us – every single one of us has the ability and the opportunity to go after that MORE we know is out there for us. Some of us have lost that spark along the way – maybe someone said something to you once and you’ve been carrying it around ever since. Some of us have lost it by circumstance; being drained, pulled in a million different directions, your job, your boss, your life.

Who you have been is not who you will always be. 

It doesn’t matter what got you to this point, what does matter is what you do now. Sure, you can wait. Wait for the promotion, the validation, the dream job. Wait for someone to choose you or tap you on the shoulder with an opportunity. 

Or you can light your own spark. Like I did.

I didn’t wait. After three decades of a highly successful career in sales, years of knowing I was meant for more, something different, years of allowing my fears to hold me back – I stepped into my strengths, I tapped into that confidence that was in me all along, and I took bold action.

I lit my own match and I’ve been setting the world on fire ever since. 


It’s time!

This application is for all levels of my private coaching and will help determine which program will bring you closer to the life you want. 

My work has taken me all over the world and in every continent, every industry and every stage of career, one thing remains the same – women are still holding themselves back.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, the stage of life you are experiencing or what brought you here.  Even women who are at the pinnacle of their careers, at the highest levels of the company and women who appear to have it all – each of us at times lacks the confidence to go after the life we want and what we know is waiting for us on the other side of our fear.

If you’re here, you’re ready. Ready to light that spark then use it to set your career on fire.

The time is now. 
Apply here for my one on one coaching program. 


What it’s like to work with Nancy

Confidence. Impacts. Outcomes.

Here’s what happens when you bet on yourself and light your own spark: Your life will never be the same. You WILL speak up for yourself. You WILL set boundaries. You WILL say things that in the past you’ve been afraid to say. You WILL advocate for yourself. You WILL go for the promotion, ask for the raise, write the book, launch the business. You WILL go pitch yourself to be on stage.


Client D negotiated a job promotion and pay increase of $50,000 while working with Nancy.


Client C made her side hustle a thriving business and left her soul-sucking job with a website, positioning, value proposition and three clients on retainer.


Working with Nancy, Client L surpassed her $1,000,000 stretch revenue target in six months.

I show women how to light their own spark. All kinds of women. CEOs, business owners, sales managers, lawyers, real estate moguls, PR Execs and women who are working to live while building out their side hustle. I work with all different kinds of women who have one thing in common:

They want more. They know there is more. And through our work together they have gained the confidence needed to truly thrive.


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Step into your strengths do the thing and OWN YOUR IT FACTOR to speak up and stand out with a weekly dose of inspiration and action.

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