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Do The Thing



My DO THE THING virtual retreat kicks off January 5, 2024. Reserve your spot now and celebrate the holiday season carefree and confident knowing that you are already doing the thing. No New Year’s resolutions for YOU this year – you’ve launched your plan and can sit back, relax and enjoy closing out the year with a clear mind and open heart.

Write the book, speak on stage, change careers, turn your side hustle into a thriving business – whatever it is: You already KNOW the life that’s waiting for you on the other side of your fear and this powerful, virtual workshop is where transformation coaching meets tactical execution so you can step up and DO THE THING.

Only FOUR spots so sign up today!

This is it. Your moment to take action or continue hoping for someone to come along and do it for you. 

This program is perfect for you if:

  • There is THE THING you know you are called to do – and the thought of DOING THE THING IS VERY SCARY TO YOU
  • You are not 100% sure what your “THING” is and you know you are meant for more: more joy, more time, more fun doing your thing
  • You know that if you don’t DO THE THING now, you never will
  • You are tired of your own excuses and you fear a lifetime of regret if you don’t DO THE THING
  • You are looking for like-minded women who will INSPIRE you


Here is how we will do the thing:

  • Four weekly semi-private coaching sessions; one hour each and led by me
  • DO THE THING playbook for you to create the plan: A specific, actionable, tactical plan. This doesn’t have to be a complete business plan or a forty-page PowerPoint and it does have to be clear, achievable and exciting for you to dive in and DO THE THING.
  • Four other women to join forces and support each other as your crush 2024.
  • Private chat group with 24/7 support as you work through your D.O.I.T. planning process
  • Access to my career confidence videos, worksheets, scripts, tools and all the resources you need to DO THE THING within the career confidence resource library
  • A curated panel of powerhouse women 100% vetted by me to support you with your mindset, branding, energy, wellness and tactical planning
  • We start January 5 and are done by January 31.

If you were to line up all of these resources on your own, you would spend over $10,000. Not to mention the time, energy and frustration in finding and bringing together this powerful group of people.

I’ve done the work for you and I’m bringing this program to you for a fraction of that cost. For $1,400.00 you get everything listed here and more importantly, you get the clarity and confidence in knowing that this time, you are actually doing the thing.

Think about that for a minute. You can sign up today and check it off your list. No soul searching as January 1 approaches, no “this is the year I will…”, no combing through job listings in the hopes of finding your dream job, no scrolling the socials and wondering how come she can do it and you can’t.

You can.

And together, we will.

 Make The Change

The Process



You will finally laser in and decide on THE THING. With my personal coaching and support along with the dream team of experts – you will nail down EXACTLY what it is that you are seeking. You will become CRYSTAL CLEAR on your vision and after this – there’s no stopping you.

The result is a specific, actionable, non-overwhelming vision, which we will break down into actionable plans.

Stop over-thinking the thing and start doing the thing.



Your why is your True North and this is what will drive you forward when your motivation wanes.  No one and I mean NO ONE wakes up every single day ready to tackle the thing.  This powerful exercise strips away everything you’ve been told, everything you may be telling yourself, every difficult thought that you’ve been avoiding – to get to the REAL WHY

This truth, this why will be the cornerstone for everything you do.  

I took multi million-dollar entrepreneur Tiffany Carter through my “Own Your Why” exercise and the result left us both shook.  You can listen here.



There is nothing more empowering than betting on yourself and investing your time, your energy, your brainpower and your oxygen. Investing in YOU.

We will hunker down and hold ourselves accountable, surrounded by a team of powerful, supportive badass women who have done the thing and love nothing more than to help others to do the same.

Playing small is no longer an option and in stepping out of your day-to-day – you are making the commitment to yourself.

After doing the thing, you will never look back.



There are plenty of coaches out there who offer magnificent retreats on beautiful islands with butlers, meditation, holistic health practitioners – all the things. This is not us. Not today.

Today you need a plan.

Sure, you’re motivated now, you’ll be motivated when we are in the thick of things, and then life comes at you. Everything that waited “until the holidays are over” comes roaring back and that epic vision you created for yourself takes the backburner.

Figuring out what it is you are meant for is not enough. You must pull together a specific, actionable, tactical plan. This doesn’t have to be a complete business plan or a forty-page PowerPoint (although Newscaster Nancy would have loved this). This could be as simple as one next step. Or your next two steps. Or three.

The good news? You get to decide.

Make 2023 the year you took action and did the thing! 



Find your “more” – it is out there waiting for you

jeep yeti casual smiling

I’ve been where you are and I know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to simply START. Type A’s like us aren’t short in the action department and if you knew what to do, you would be doing it.

Doing the thing is scary. And it’s hard. And it’s also worth it.

I didn’t wait to do the thing. After three decades of a highly successful career in sales, years of knowing I was meant for more, something different, years of allowing my fears to hold me back – I stepped into my strengths, I tapped into that confidence that was in me all along, and I took bold action.

I lit my own match and I’ve been setting the world on fire ever since.

Who you have been is not always who you are meant to be.



Carla came to me seeking clarity and confidence to help her “do the thing”. “Clarity on my passion and my fire. Get out of my comfort zone. Be confident and go for it, after I figure out what “it” is. Get rid of my limiting beliefs.”

Together, using my four-step DOIT process, we figured out what that “more” is that she’s been seeking. We got crystal clear on her WHY – what was driving her at her core.

After she stepped into who she is meant to be and what she is meant to do, we honed in on who she wants to work with. Her ideal client and what’s important to them. Oh, and we also created her brand logo, positioning statement, website and core offerings. We started a community sign-up list and she signed her first client. ON A MONTHLY RETAINER.

The reward for having the courage to step into doing what you are meant to do and then having the perseverance, talent and chops to go do it?

Pure Bliss.

© 2023 Nancy Medoff